According to the Pew Research Center, the percentage of white evangelical protestants that believe that America does not have a responsibility to accept refugees is higher than any other demographic in America: 68%.

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The topic of refugees is certainly controversial in today’s society. Politics, values, media, and culture all play a part in forming an opinion about how the refugee crisis should be handled. What can we do about the 65 million people in the world without a nation to call home? They are leaving their homes out of fear, hoping to escape persecution and find safety in a land where they will have no rights.

Does this issue feel personal to you? Does it feel like something too big and too far away? Are you looking for answers? Did you know the Bible has a lot to say about refugees?

Our mission at Precept Ministries is to help people know God better by studying His Word, and we believe it is especially important to seek the Bible for a deeper understanding of the issues we face in our world today, and that includes the refugee crises.

That is why we have created this Bible study, examining what the Bible says about refugees, sojourners, aliens, and strangers. Just as the Bible shapes the way you see marriage, the church, parenthood and life, it will shape the way you see refugees. We pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you in this study so you can observe, interpret and apply scripture to your life. This study is about the living Word of God.

We don’t want to tell you who you are or what you should think. We want to let you discover answers for yourself, but never by yourself.

Please join us as we journey into the Word to discover God’s truth about refugees.